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I didn’t actually have to elbow any adolescents

On Friday I shared how I should have been anxious about an impending Sunday afternoon workshop with comedy writer and actor Lauren Weedman, but wasn’t, and why that should have been a sign of impending doom. Or not.

I suspected the whole afternoon would serve as confirmation that I should never be on stage, but then I’d have a few laughs and maybe grab a selfie with Lauren for my blog. (more…)

A little fear would probably be a good thing

At least they're rooting for mom.

At least they’re rooting for me.

When I was in high school I took a community theater acting class. I figured I’d do a couple local plays, maybe a commercial. Then someone would discover my ginormous talent as well as my singing ability and it would come in handy that I knew all the lyrics to my double album set of Grease: The Movie.

My path to superstardom would be pretty much set from there, I thought, but first I had to pay my dues. I tried out for a school play.