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El jefe de la salsa

boss_of_sauceHow I, sort of, finally made Argentine chimichurri.

And Emeril wasn’t involved.

Nine years ago I took off to gallivant around Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaving my husband home with our two very young boys

The trip marked a turning point in my life – and it had nothing to do with testing Mike’s chops to care for a toddler and a preschooler solo (kind of) for period of weeks.

I returned from the trip, quit my stable, full-time-with-benefits job, launched a consulting business, and joined Rotary – the organization that had sponsored the trip. At that time our local district would partner with Rotary International to take a group of normally sane young(ish) adults, and ship them someplace else. In exchange, folks here would welcome a team from that district. (more…)