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Stay away from things with teeth, and other advice for trail runners

Penny on the Boise front

Penny on the Boise front

Were I not working with Jack on his first half marathon, I’d currently be on a very different training schedule. The Race to Robie Creek is five weeks away, and my long runs should be in the ten-mile range right now.

Jack is up to six and a half miles, adding another half every weekend, and I can’t do a ten mile run one day and then run with Jack the next, even if we go super slow.

My husband-slash-running coach says two back-to-back medium length runs will mimic the impact of the weekly long run for training purposes. He also says Girl Scout cookies don’t have calories. He’s really smart, so I’m subscribing to both premises. (more…)

A Tale of Two Failed Trips


Ready to go as soon as everybody gets their lazy butts out of bed

Ready to go as soon as everybody gets their lazy butts out of bed

Saturday, mom woke me up by calling at some ungodly hour to ask if we were ready to hit the road.

“Nope,” I said, maybe piling on the sleepy voice a little thick, “still in bed.”

“Oh, I thought you were going to hit the road early.”

Actually that was the plan the night before, until the kids realized our destination was a four-hour drive to a trailhead and a one-hour hike into Baker Lake for a one-night stay. I could see why they balked.


What I’m doing when I should be working


“False Chinch” better known as GET OUTTA MY FREAKING HOUSE, image courtesy of Colorado State University Extension

So, it’s a hundred and freakin’ who knows how many degrees outside, and inside we’re starting to make each other crazy. I think part of the problem is my kids only unplug from the matrix long enough to make demands, eat all our food, or yell at each other. The other part of the problem is bugs.

Little, smelly, flying bugs infested my house last weekend and whether they hatched in here or they’re crawling in some minuscule hole somewhere to evade the heat, I don’t know, but I think they’re going to cost me my sanity.