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Cereal and other “First World” grievances

cerealThere’s no getting around it. There has been a distinct change in tone around here over the last couple of years.

It was bound to happen. Little people get big, and find out the truth:

  • The Tooth Fairy and Santa are myths
  • Mom ceases to be helpful with math along about fifth grade
  • No matter how funny he may be, your parents will never be motivated to find the time to care about what PewDiePie did on Youtube this week.

These are some of the cold, hard facts of life. Hard to deal with all at once, I’m sure. Add puberty to it. And parents who are frequently out of touch, demanding and laugh at their own jokes. It gives a person plenty to complain about. I’m just as sure of that as I am that being the teenage child of a blogger is all kinds of wondrous karma. (more…)