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All this place probably needs is a Stick Up



Once, early on in our marriage, I came home for lunch and there was a dirty glass on the counter with a note next to it:

“Dearest Wife,

“Might I gently suggest that your habit of drinking V-8 without rinsing out the vessel afterward might have a lot to do why so many of our glasses have taken on a permanent cloudy hue? If you could take care of this, it would be as good for the glass as it would be for our relationship.” (more…)

Of Swearing, Shakespeare and Smackwagons

ShakespeareLast week, Colin suggested a family ban on cussing, including his own use of profanity.

Although I appreciate his attention to the matter, our ten year-old is more disposed to biting than swearing. I suspect the focus of his ban is probably more on me cleaning up my act. I don’t have the same kind of leverage in the biting arena. No one here’s presenting him with some bad example I can remove. I can only scold him for acting like a two year-old and try to keep snacks handy in case he’s really just hungry. (more…)