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Employee of the Week

staplerA few months ago I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I told her about Mike’s quitting his job and venturing into the consulting world with me.

She sort of harrumphed and asked how long we’ve been married.

“Twenty-two years,” I said. Sheesh. That made me sound ancient. I did the math… Yup, about right.

“Well, good luck making it to twenty-three,” she said.

I’ve been surprised how people speculate less than I would have thought about Mike’s sanity in leaving an entire career, stable paycheck and benefits, to explore the joys of self-employment with me. Instead, people wonder about the impact of his decision on our marriage.

I guess I kind of get it. Couples have to adjust after kids come along and priorities shift. They go through another adjustment when the kids leave home, and they suddenly realize they hate nothing more than listening to each other chew breakfast cereal. (more…)