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The dude on the doorstep

Absolutely no soliciting. Even our parents call first…Last weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time mulling over what to put in the subject line for a neighborhood email. What was called for, I think, was just the right amount of urgency tempered with calm concern. I didn’t want to start a panic.

“How about ‘Everybody, grab your pitchforks and meet us at the park?’” Mike said.

When I’m looking for serious suggestions, that’s Mike’s cue to come up with something absurd or sarcastic. Actually, that’s kind of his MO regardless of the situation. He’s usually more focused on being a comic than helpful.

It’s a gift.

At this particular moment, I think he was tossing out quips to keep from throwing something more substantial.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going for with this neighborhood alert, except a little heads up that we had an evangelist making the rounds in our ‘hood, who also happened to be a registered sex offender.

… Yeah, you read that right. (more…)