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Of conversation caché and tin foil pajamas

The benefits of a stint in community radio

radio_interviewThe waning years of my pre-kid life were spent fundraising for a professional outdoor repertory theater.

The job came with a tiny salary even for a nonprofit. There was no sick leave, vacation, or benefits. We worked regular hours, plus evenings and weekends all summer. We used office furniture I suspect was pulled from a dumpster, and antiquated computer equipment. I worked with creative, temperamental people who threw every bit of themselves into their work.

It was the most fun job I ever had. (more…)

Of Swearing, Shakespeare and Smackwagons

ShakespeareLast week, Colin suggested a family ban on cussing, including his own use of profanity.

Although I appreciate his attention to the matter, our ten year-old is more disposed to biting than swearing. I suspect the focus of his ban is probably more on me cleaning up my act. I don’t have the same kind of leverage in the biting arena. No one here’s presenting him with some bad example I can remove. I can only scold him for acting like a two year-old and try to keep snacks handy in case he’s really just hungry. (more…)