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Sunscreaming meemees

sunscreenA Facebook friend recently posted something that made me want to go find her and smack her in the head.

I’m not normally a violent person. I am a big talker, though, so by “smack her in the head,” I mean “give her a stern look and maybe stick my tongue out at her.”

But I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’ll probably just wait until she’s not looking.

This person recently posted a link to an article on “How to make a non-toxic, homemade sunscreen.”

Or no sunscreen, she commented. I believe skin cancer comes from within. The sun doesn’t scare me half as much as what we put in our bodies and on our bodies.

What the hell? Sunscreen toxic? Skin cancer comes from within?

As a person who has had basal cell carcinoma cut off my outsides three times now, I’d like to say what’s coming from my within is an unhealthy dose of wanting to kick this person right in the butt. (more…)